Guests of Honor

We're proud to honor a few of our community's best and brightest.

Kyle Carpenter

Kyle Carpenter (aka Artkour) is a trans/non-binary (they/them) freelance illustrator, costume fabricator, and merchandise designer from Florida. Kour (pronounced like “core”) has been contributing art to the fandom for over 9 years and has garnered a combined social media influence of 33,000 followers.

Their art, fursuits, and clothing line are well recognized for their incredibly expressive and unique styles. They have contributed to several furry publications in the past and plan to do more collaborative work in the future. You can typically catch Kyle vending at many major US conventions or somewhere drawing animal people.  They specialize in graphic design and cartoon illustrations and work in Photoshop, Medibang, and Procreate software. 

brushwolf creature Studio

Brushwolf Creature Studio is Amy and Amanda; two former art kids with a passion for costume design and fabrication.

Amy received her Bachelor of Arts in Crafts from Kent State University in 2009, with a focus on metalwork and textiles. Amanda attended Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio before moving to Kent, Ohio to pursue a career in animal behavior sciences. Their studio specializes in realistic and fantasy creature costumes for the stage, small business, and individual hobbyist. They are inspired by a life-long love of nature, frequently incorporating a fascination with whimsical, macabre, and arcane elements. 

Mary E. Lowd

Mary E. Lowd is a science-fiction and furry writer living in Oregon. She's had more than one hundred short stories published, including more than twenty in Daily Science Fiction and three in Analog: Science Fiction and Fact.

Her novels include the Otters In Space trilogy, In a Dog's World, and The Snake's Song: A Labyrinth of Souls Novel. Her fiction has won an Ursa Major Award and two Cóyotl Awards. She's been editing FurPlanet's anthology series, ROAR, since 2015, and she founded the furry e-zine Zooscape in 2018. She's also been the chair of the Cóyotl Awards since 2012.