Hotel FAQ

If you have questions about FurFest partner hotels, their policies, or the booking process, we’re here to help. Consult the handy FAQ below, and if you still have questions, please contact the hotel help desk.

Why is the Hyatt listed twice in several places?

Midwest FurFest is pleased to count more than one Hyatt amongst our partner hotels. Two may lead to some confusion, so take careful note of which is which: The Hyatt Regency O'Hare (sometimes abbreviated HRO) is our traditional home, directly across from the convention center. The Hyatt Rosemont is a short distance north along River Road.

What happens if I am not able to book a room at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare?

After the lottery closes, Hyatt reservations are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you are not able to book a room at the Hyatt Regency: There are additional hotel options connected by pedway at the Aloft and Crowne Plaza, and the Hyatt Rosemont and Comfort Inn hotel just up River Road. Rooms are continuously added to all additional hotels; even if a room is not available at the moment you check, check back later. Specific to the Hyatt Regency O'Hare: Historically, there is turnover in attendee room reservations throughout the year, meaning that its common for attendees to find available space later in the year. The best time to check is 30 days prior to the convention, though do check periodically through the year. On occasion, the Hyatt will also release cancelled rooms back to the convention the Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the convention. If so, an announcement will be made on social media. Several room sharing sites are available to help attendees find and meet suitable roommates - for example, ConRoomies.

What about hotels not listed on the Reservations page?

Hotels listed here are those for which Midwest FurFest has a business relationship. These properties reflect all available room inventory in Rosemont favorable to our attendees and located within a reasonable walking distance or with shuttle service. FurFest continues to evaluate room availability throughout the summer, and will post any additions here and in social media. There are numerous other hotels not listed here in the immediate vicinity of the Hyatt and Convention center which may appeal to our attendees.

Why not hotel 'X'?

Each hotel seeks guests in a manner specific to that property. In cases where a hotel wishes to work directly with Midwest FurFest to offer housing to our attendees, the convention engages with the hotel to find a mutually agreeable combination of room rates and guest amenities. If a particular hotel is not listed, this indicates Midwest FurFest does not have an existing relationship with that property.

I am an international attendee and would like to arrive early or stay after Midwest Furfest to sightsee in Chicago, are book-through reservations available?

If you're planning on arriving early or staying after the convention to tour the city, or to hang out in the Chicago Metro area, the Hyatt Regency O'Hare and FurFest have worked to provide a limited number of additional rooms both before and after the convention. These additional rooms are provided as a convenience so our attendees need not book multiple reservations which would then require room changes during the stay. As these extra "book-through" rooms are in addition to FurFest's contracted block, they carry rates which differ from the convention block rates stated above. For extended stays of 9 nights or more, additional assistance may be available in obtaining a room. Contact the FurFest Hotel team at our help desk for additional information.

Is fursuiting allowed outside the event dates?

For attendees arriving prior to Thursday of the event, we request as a courtesy to other Hyatt guests and business groups at the Hyatt, please wait until 7pm on Wednesday, to fursuit.

Why is there a deposit requirement? Why does it differ between lottery and non-lottery bookings?

Deposits are necessary to guarantee reservations made through the lottery process. We do not require deposits for bookings made after the lottery, as such deposits would not materially impact concerns such as room cancellations. Further, FurFest already enforces a policy that attendees may only book one room, and we actively work to remediate any instance where multiple reservations have been made by the same person. Turnover, especially as the convention nears, provides continuing opportunities for individuals to book a room. Pay especially close attention about 30 days prior to the convention.

Why should I reserve in the convention hotel block? What does this get me?

Room nights booked are the life blood of any group requiring event space and lodging for their attendees. One of the reasons why conventions receive function space for low or no cost is a contractual commitment to the hotel that a certain number of sleeping rooms will be sold during the convention. Since function space is not a significant budgetary concern, we are able to provide additional value to our attendees, such as Con Suite, Fursuit Lounge, and A/V equipment. In addition, a history of room nights sold allows the convention to "reserve" blocks of rooms for the exclusive use of our attendees. We use the rooms sold each year to help us negotiate for room rates and amenities favorable to the attendees such as transportation, parking and internet access. For these, among other reasons, we request attendees utilize group booking links and reservation codes when making reservations while rooms remain available in our contracted blocks. We do acknowledge that there is more demand for rooms than available in room blocks; if you tried to obtain a block room and ultimately ended up in a nearby hotel, we do understand (don't feel bad!).

I booked out of block. Can I transfer my room into a block?

Guests desiring a block reservation should first book in block, then cancel their existing reservation. Do check the cancellation policy for your existing reservation; FurFest is not responsible for reservations or terms made out of block.

What is the hotel tax rate in Rosemont?

Tax rate is 14%, subject to change.

What is the minimum age to reserve a hotel room?

The minimum age to reserve a room at the Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel is 18 years. One must be 21 years old to reserve a room at all of our other partner hotels.

What charges do the hotels place on my credit card when placing a reservation?

The answer depends on whether a room is booked through the lottery or outside the lottery. A one-night deposit is collected by MFF and remitted on your behalf to the hotels for all rooms awarded in the lottery, and is NON-REFUNDABLE (see the Lottery FAQ for more information). Rooms booked after the lottery will not incur charges on your credit card when reserving and no charges will be made to your credit card before you check in. However, if you fail to cancel your room by each hotel's cancellation cutoff, you will be charged for one night's stay plus tax.

What if my credit card expires between now and my check-in dates?

Your credit card must expire after the departure date on the reservation. Contact your card issuer for assistance in obtaining a new card if necessary.

I am a smoker and would like a smoking room. What should I do?

All partner hotels are 100% non-smoking. This includes the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, which changed to 100% non-smoking in 2019.

How do I request a certain location, amenity, or room attribute (balcony, etc)?

Other than ADA or mobility requests, the size of the event precludes making room requests of this type through the convention. However, guests are welcome to indicate preferences in their reservations through their hotel's reservation management system. Please be aware such requests are on a "request basis." While hotels do attempt to fulfill such requests, they are not guaranteed.

What can I do to receive a rollaway bed in our room? Is there a fee for one?

Fire code generally prohibits rollaways in all room types except kings with a certain amount of floor size. Please see the specific hotel pages for additional information on availability, requests and fees.

I see that the hotels require a form of payment at check-in, why is this?

All guests checking in will need to provide a credit card, debit card or cash to hold for room charges and incidentals. If you are using a credit card, the card will be charged the amount on the room folio upon check out. If you using a debit card, there will be a 'hold or pending authorization' placed on the card immediately upon check-in for the total room and tax for the duration of the stay, plus $50 (subject to change) per day for incidentals. Upon check out, the exact cost of incidentals used are taken out, and the balance of the 'held' funds are reimbursed. Please note it may take up to a week or more to reimburse the 'held' funds. If you will be paying cash, you will need to provide the room and tax payment for the duration of the stay upon check in, plus $50 additional per day (subject to change) for incidentals. Upon check out, the exact cost of incidentals used will be taken out, and the balance of the deposited cash in then reimbursed. Midwest FurFest strongly discourages the use of debit cards when checking into hotels.

When I arrive at the hotel, can I take one of their luggage carts to unload my car?

For guests staying at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare: Luggage carts are under the sole control of the Hyatt bell staff; carts will not be released to individuals. If you need to unload your car at the Hyatt, request the assistance of a bellman when you arrive at the hotel (they have a stand by the front door) and they will be happy to help you take your luggage to your room. Please remember to tip appropriately. Luggage cart policies at other properties vary by hotel.

Can we put up signs on our doors?

Yes, you can, but only using doorknob hangers. Complimentary hangars are available on request from Operations. Signs are not allowed to be taped to any part of the door, door jamb, or walls. Any material that is found to be inappropriate and/or offensive will be confiscated and brought to Operations to pick up later. Please note that any damage done to doors by adhesives or other methods used to post signs will be billed to the room occupants. Also, some innovative furries have engineered signs hung from string over their hotel room door.

How many people may sleep in our room?

Due to life safety issues, the Rosemont Fire Marshall stipulates no more than 4 people at a time may sleep in a standard sleeping room. No more than the lesser of four room keys or the number of guests registered to the room will be given out by the front desk. Please be aware that Rosemont is extremely strict about this requirement. Note that postings to convention forums and communities may monitored by hotel staff, and known overcapacity rooms will be referred to the property. This is for the safety of all guests.

Is there internet access in the hotel? What are the charges?

Wi-Fi is available at all hotels, and is complimentary at most hotels including Hyatt properties.

Can I sleep in my car/RV/semi while at the convention?

Sleeping in any type of vehicle is not permitted at any hotel. Also, due to space limitations oversize vehicle parking is not available at any of our hotel parking lots. In addition, most of hotel parking is in the form of parking garages, which precludes tall, large and oversize vehicles. If your vehicle takes up more than a single standard parking space, you will not be able to park in the hotel parking lots.

Will I get the type of room I booked? (Also: Are room type changes allowed?)

While very rare, it is possible you will be provided a room type different than what you booked. For guests at Hyatt properties: Only World of Hyatt Platinum or Diamond Members are guaranteed their reservation room type. Remember, though, that every hotel in the United States will always tell you that although they will guarantee a reservation they cannot guarantee the availability of a particular room type. Always have a Plan B, just in case! Additionally, the Hyatt Regency O'Hare has been instructed to disallow any room type changes from king to double or vice versa once the reservation is made. If a change is desired, contact us here.

What is considered proper tipping for hotel staff?

Midwest FurFest encourages our guests to follow the tipping guidelines of the venerable Emily Post: Housekeeping: $2 - $5, daily Bellmen: $2 first bag, $1 each additional bag Valet: $2 - $5 Waiters/Waitresses: 15% - 20% of pre-tax bill if sit-down, 10% if buffet Bartender: $1 per drink or 15% - 20% of tab

What are the hotel policies for concealed carry weapons?

All Midwest FurFest hotels state no weapons are permitted on the hotel property. There are no exceptions to this policy, even if you have a concealed carry license. LEOs should consult their agency's policies.

What about room resale, auctions and bots buying large blocks of rooms?

Room resale in FurFest room blocks is prohibited, and subject to cancellation. Further, audits are periodically conducted to address resale and abuse concerns. Questions regarding room resale and related issues should be directed to the hotel help desk.

I am the primary guest on a reservation and cannot attend.  May I transfer my room to one of my roommates?

While suites at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare may not be transferred, standard rooms may be transferred under the following conditions:

  • The primary room guest is updated in the hotel's reservation system to the person taking over responsibility for the room. This is not only a legal requirement, but for the protection of the room's occupants.

  • If a non-refundable deposit was made, it is acceptable for the person taking over the room to reimburse the deposit, but no additional fee or amount above the deposit is permitted.

If you believe someone is reselling rooms or otherwise acting in a manner inconsistent with hotel policies, please contact us. To transfer the room, please call your hotel directly (contact information for all of our partner hotels can be found on our Hotel Page) and speak with the reservations representative there. You do not need to contact Midwest FurFest to transfer a room, and the convention has no role in the transaction.

What are the hotel policies for e-cigarettes?

Our hotels treat e-cigarettes just like regular cigarettes. As such, they are not permitted to be used in any public space or function space, and may only be used in designated smoking areas.

What is a closed room party for the purpose of alcohol service?

Illinois liquor law and the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) make a distinction between open (public) and closed (private) functions. Open functions are treated much the same as bars, restaurants and festivals, all of which have significant licensing and regulatory requirements. Conversely, many rules that govern licensed or licensable events do not govern private functions (hosts are reminded that age requirements still apply, including Rosemont restrictions on the presence of underage individuals where alcohol is served). The registered guests in a room hosting a party are responsible for adherence with applicable local, state and federal laws; the following guidance is provided as an aid to comply with these requirements. In Illinois, a private function is defined thus: Private Function (5/1-3.36) – a prearranged private party, function, or event for a specific social or business occasion, either by invitation or reservation and not open to the general public, where the guests in attendance are served in a room or rooms designated and used exclusively for the private party, function, or event. Further guidance is provided by the ILCC — an event is a private party when all of the following are met: The event must not be open or advertised in any way to members of the public. Any form of media advertising which publicizes an event to members of the general public makes the event public. (Keep in mind that publicizing a party in social media or in public areas of the hotel or event spaces may be construed as advertising to the public.) The sale of alcoholic liquor is made by a licensed retailer or caterer directly to the host of the party either before or after the event. Per drink sales of alcoholic liquor make the event public. No cover or admission charges of any kind should be collected at the door prior to entry. Any collection of money as a condition of entry makes the event public. No indication of pre-payment should be required to enter. For example, an event is considered public when a per-person presentation of a ticket, wristband, or other form of per-person, pre-payment is required prior to entry. There should be no promotion of a specific alcoholic liquor brand.

What hotel should dealers stay at?

A block is available at the Crowne Plaza for dealers on a first-come, first-serve basis until the block fills.  Additional information is available in the lottery FAQ. In addition, numerous hotels are connected to the convention center via covered pedway. The walking time is similar for all immediately adjacent hotels between the Dealer's lobby and hotel lobbies (about 5 minutes when unencumbered). Note that once in the pedway system, no stairs or elevators are required to reach the Dealer's lobby. Thus, which hotel is largely personal choice.

Additional Questions?

Please contact the hotel help desk or email