It’s time to pull out the party cannons!

Midwest FurFest is turning 20 and to celebrate, we’re throwing the ultimate party! Music, comedy, art, dancing, we will have it all. If you’re wondering what kind of cake we like, we’re not picky. It’s a party after all, we might as well have it all and ice cream too!

Since 2000, we’ve been getting together in the greater Chicago area when the weather turns cold and becoming true party animals for a weekend. From our humble beginnings as a programming track at Duckon, we have become the largest convention celebrating the fandom of anthropomorphic animals in the world! We’ve raised over $449,000 for charity, and who knows how much in the Dealer’s Den and Artist’s Alley.

If you’ve ever been to FurFest, you know that we throw the best parties and it can only get bigger and better. Bring on the huge balloons and the bouncy house, and if you DJ, send us your sickest mixes once we open up submissions so we can put on the wildest dances. Submit your coolest pieces for the art show! Make sure your phones and cameras have enough space to take pictures and videos of all the amazing memories you’re going to make. 

This fandom has the most prolific creators and performers, and we love seeing all of you every year, because it is all of you that have made us so spectacular. Our attendees are what make this convention so much fun! For our 20th birthday, we want to celebrate everything amazing that the fandom has to offer, and you’re invited!