tabletop gaming

The Tabletop Gaming Room is one of the best spaces in the convention for you to relax, socialize and play a board or card game with your friends!

Tabletop hosts the Open Gaming BYOG (Bring Your Own Game) space where you can bring yourself and your friends to enjoy any games that you have brought to the convention and maybe even find some furs who would like to play them with you and make new friends. In addition to BYOG, the FurFest Gaming Library consists of a growing library of games purchased by the convention, or provided by staff and your fellow guests. You can stop in and check out any number of the varying library of games to enjoy in the room.


Have games you want to bring but don’t want to lug back and forth all the time from your room? Consider checking them into the game library for use by your fellow gamers and we’ll store them for you until 4 pm on Sunday. We do have you sign a release form, just in case, but will do our level best to make sure your game returns to you complete. (We have a perfect record over the last decade.)

Additionally, we will have table space available for CCG and card gaming for people to use for events based on Magic and other card games.

We have roleplaying events and spaces available in both the Table Top Gaming room and a few other reserved rooms for you and your friends to play.

A final note, the Table Top Gaming Room is an all ages space, so some card or roleplaying games of a more… saucy nature may be moved to one of our quieter Adult Gaming spaces. Speaking of, if you wish to play Cards Against Humanity the convention has several sets!


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