LOST & found policy

Midwest FurFest encourages attendees, volunteers, and staff to keep close track of their belongings at all times but we understand that sometimes personal items go missing. Midwest FurFest offers a Lost and Found service managed through the convention’s Operations department where items, if they are found, may be turned in and returned to their rightful owners.

  • Midwest FurFest does not guarantee that misplaced items will be found or turned into Lost and Found.

  • Midwest FurFest is not responsible for security or condition of misplaced items turned into Lost and Found.

Accepted Lost and Found Items

Midwest FurFest WILL accept items turned in to Lost and Found including but not limited to jewelry, clothing and accessories, personal electronics, costume parts, personal identification, and personal items.

The following items will not be accepted

  1. Food, candy, and perishable items, liquids (vape juice, oils, etc.), beverages, alcohol (opened or unopened), and tobacco products will be disposed of immediately. Containers such as reusable water bottles, drinkware, and serveware will be accepted after they have been emptied of food/liquid contents.

  2. Weapons (edged weapons and firearms), illegal drugs, and other illicit items will be turned over to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

  3. Any items that Midwest FurFest Operations staff deem to be a health, safety, or security concern will be disposed of immediately.

Lost and Found Item Handling

Items turned into Lost and Found will be handled by Midwest FurFest staff for the purposes of identification and cataloging.

  1. Wallets, bags, purses, and personal electronics may be examined and/or opened by Midwest FurFest staff to locate personal identification that may assist in returning lost items to their owners.

  2. Where identifying information / contact information is available, Midwest FurFest staff will make reasonable effort to contact the item owner.

  3. All items accepted into Lost and Found will be cataloged in an electronic system to help track the identity and location of each item.

Retrieval of Items by Rightful Owners

Midwest FurFest will only return items to their rightful owner. No item will be released to an agent working on the owner’s behalf.

  1. Any individual making a request for the return of a misplaced item must present either an adequate description or picture of the item before it will be returned.

  2. In the case of personal electronics such as phones, laptops, and tablets, Midwest FurFest staff will ask the individual to open/unlock the item in question before the item will be returned.

Disposition of Lost and Found Items

Any item that remains unclaimed at the end of Midwest FurFest will be held for a period of time after which they will be discarded. Held items may be reclaimed at (a) the following Midwest FurFest convention or, at the owner’s expense, shipped to their home or business address.

Lost and Found Item Retention Policy

  1. Unless otherwise noted, all items will be held for a minimum of one (1) year from the end of the convention.

  2. Lost bank cards (ATM cards, credit cards, EBT cards, etc.) will be held for ninety (90) days from the end of the convention. After such time these items will be disposed of securely.

  3. Loose identification cards, including drivers licenses, school IDs, and passports, will be held for ninety (90) days from the end of the convention. After such time these items will be disposed of securely.

Updated 7.26.19