Fursuit menagerie

The Fursuit Menagerie is a platform to showcase our attendees' costume creations, as well as the work of talented photographers within the fandom!

The event functions as equal parts meet-and-greet and photoshoot. Stations are set up for attendees to take group photographs, and are established based on submissions made by our attendees.


The Menagerie was originally staged as the fursuit parade, but as the number of suiters exploded over the years, it became impossible to provide a practical route for all of the amazing suits brought to life by our attendees. The Fursuit Menagerie is our way of bringing all these fantastic critters together in one place for attendees to see, photograph, and enjoy!

More details about the Fursuit Menagerie and a complete schedule of Menagerie events will be available here soon!


Please email programming@furfest.org.


Experience the fursuit menagerie in 360° video!