Dealer Information

Selling at Midwest FurFest is restricted to individuals registered with the convention to sell in the Dealers Den, the Art Show, Artists Marketplace, and the Artists Alley.

Dealers Den submissions are now closed. Thank you all who applied; we’re absolutely blown away by how many submissions we’ve received this year!

Table Dimensions & Pricing

Tables in the Dealers Den are 6ft. by 30in. Each table will be provided with a single tablecloth and two chairs. There will be a minimum of 3.5 ft. of space behind each table The cost of tables is as follows:    

One Table $160.00
Two Tables $350.00
Three Tables $550.00
Four Tables $800.00
Booth $900.00

The booths consist of four 8ft. x 18in. tables arranged in a square; there are only seven

available. Note that these prices do not include any memberships. You must also purchase at least one membership.

 In the interest of attempting to provide the greatest variety of merchandise to our attendees, we ask that all dealers carefully consider how many tables they need.


The Dealers Den will located in the Stevens Convention Center. There will be a section designated as adults-only, with admission limited to attendees without minor badges. Dealers in that section will be permitted to openly display adult material. Note that this room is intended for dealers of explicit adult material; adult art is permitted throughout the Dealers Den, subject to the policies shown in Rule 2 at the bottom of these instructions..


The convention center charges for electrical use, and we will need to pass part of this cost on to those dealers who require electricity.  Please check the box on the application if you wish to have power at your table, and list what you will be using (computer, lights, laminator, etc). There is a $95.00 charge for up to 400 watts of power. If you will need more than 400W, indicate the expected wattage needed and we will contact you to discuss any possible additional charges.

Internet Access

For all those requiring internet access, we have verified that mobile phone service on all major US carriers is solid.  WiFi, tethering and other such devices are expected to work well for dealers and artists. As cellular service is much improved compared to traditional locations for our dealers and artists, convention sponsored WiFi will not be available.

Application Procedures

Dealer applications are closed for 2019.

Please use the checkboxes to indicate the types of merchandise you carry; note that you may select multiple items, and specify other types of merchandise. This will be used as part of the selection process.

Dealers may also purchase additional memberships when they apply. Note that all helpers must have memberships; there is a limit of three additional memberships per table purchased, and a total of ten memberships for a booth. While full membership information for any additional memberships requested is not required at the time the application is filed, it is requested that this information be provided as soon as possible afterwards. This will save us from having to send out reminder notices. Additional memberships may also be added after your application is filed. Membership info for all helpers must be provided prior to the online membership cutoff in November.

The “Special Requests” field should be used for the following:

  • Table location preferences such as against a wall, near or adjacent to another dealer, or in the Adults Only Room. Every effort will be made to meet your requests, but be aware that due to the available space no guarantees are made that all requests can be met. Note that there are a very limited number of wall tables available. There are also a limited number of booths.

  • brief description of your display, if it might affect your table placement requirements. This would include such things as display racks behind your your tables.

  • If you will be sharing your space with another dealer. Note that you only need to provide the other dealer’s name on your application; info on the other dealer will be requested if your application is approved

  • If you do not need one or more of the physical tables that come with your space. This will allow us to make the necessary arrangements while the room is being set up rather than after you arrive.

The description of your merchandise you provide on the application will be used in the Conbook's dealers listing, as well as on the website. While we encourage you to be complete and creative in writing this, it is not necessary to give a percentage breakdown of the types of merchandise you carry.

Applications will not be approved on a first-come basis. Instead, all applications received within the first 48 hours will be given equal consideration. Assuming that the total number of tables requested during this period exceeds those available, those applications will be reviewed to determine which dealers will be approved. The selection process will include a review of the merchandise description and website provided. Note that this review will also consider any possible violations of our Intellectual Property rule, as stated below; dealers may be contacted if clarifications are needed prior to approval. Midwest FurFest also has a policy of encouraging dealers who have not previously had space in the Dealers Den. Applications which are received after the initial 48-hour will automatically be placed on the waiting list. Applications received during the initial 48-hours which are not approved will be put on the waiting list, but will be ahead of those received after the initial 48-hour period.

After your online application is completed you will be sent an email confirming that your application was received and providing information on the approval and payment process. This email will also include a link which will allow you to make changes to some of your application information.

If your application is approved, you will receive an email with a summary of information and dealer rules. This email will also have a link to pay for the table(s) and membership(s) online by credit card. If you had indicated on your application that you wished to purchase more than one membership, you will be asked to provide information on the additional memberships at that time, although this may also be done later. After your initial payment is made you will also be able to purchase additional memberships. Note that payment is expected within two weeks of notification that your application is approved. If payment is not received after two weeks you will be sent a reminder notice. Nonpayment will result in being placed on the waiting list. After your payment has been processed, you will receive confirmation of payment.

Applications which are not approved will be put on a waiting list. If you are notified that you have been placed on the waiting list and are planning to attend the convention even if you do not get tables, you may purchase a membership separately from your tables. If you do so and are later approved for tables, you will be able to pay for your tables at that time.

Sharing Tables

Dealers are permitted to share tables. This can be handled in one of two ways: One dealer can submit an application and note in the remarks that another dealer will be sharing the table along with the name of the other dealer. After the application is approved, information on the other dealer (business name, merchandise description, etc) can then be emailed for inclusion in the dealer listings. Please do not include all of this information in the remarks section of your application. Alternately, a single application can be submitted under both names, with all information for both dealers included. In the latter case, contact information for only one of the dealers should be shown; an email with the other dealer's contact info should be sent if they want separate notifications of dealer information.

Pre-con Information

Approximately two weeks before the convention all approved dealers will be sent an email with confirmed set-up times and loading information. This email will also include reminders of  Dealers Den policies, confirmation of the current sales tax rate, and any other information which might be useful to you.

Cancellation Policy

If you find that you will not be able to make use of one or more of your dealer tables, please inform us as soon as possible. It is unfair to dealers who are on the waiting list to keep them waiting until it is too late for them to make reasonable travel arrangements. We will only grant refunds for table space if the cancellation is received in a timely fashion. Note that table space may not be transferred to another dealer without the prior approval of the Dealers Den Manager.  Full refunds for dealer tables are only guaranteed if requested before November 15, 2018. After that date, refunds are subject to our ability to resell the table.

We understand that emergencies can arise at the last minute which may require you to cancel or delay your arrival. Unless we are notified that you will not be attending, or will be arriving later, we will hold your table until 12:00 noon on Saturday, December 1, at which time it will be offered to a dealer on the waiting list. The easiest way to notify us of a last-minute cancellation or delay is by email. If for some reason this is not possible, our convention operations office will be able to pass any phone message to Dealers Den management; they can be reached once the convention begins by calling the hotel at 847-696-1234.

Sales Tax

Dealers are required by the State of Illinois to collect Illinois State Sales Tax. We have been notified that Midwest FurFest falls under the category of Special Events and as such we are required to provide IDOR with a list of all our dealers. While we will not be collecting sales tax at MFF we will have copies of IDOR-6-SETR, which is used for reporting and paying sales tax for those dealers who do not have an Illinois business license. Information on obtaining a business license is available here; note that it is possible to obtain a license online in one to two days. Proof of an Illinois Business License is not required either with your application or at the convention, but if you have one we are requesting that you provide your IBT number on the application or prior to the convention so that it can be included in our report.


Questions regarding table availability or Dealers Den operations prior to the convention should be directed to Questions regarding Dealers Den operations during the convention should be directed to the Dealers Den Manager or on-duty staff at the Dealers Den Operations table.


The following rules apply to all dealers at Midwest FurFest:  

  1. Please be aware that certain members of furry fandom are sensitive to the use of real fur in fursuits and tails, as well as such things as taxidermy. While these are not banned, it is requested that you consider this in your choice of merchandise and displays. Other than that, there are no restrictions on the sale of legal merchandise. We do, however, request that all merchandise be sf-, fan-, or furry-related. Items of an adult nature may be sold if and only if these items are not on public display.

  2. All adult art must have genitalia (defined as female nipples or any detailing/definition of male and female groin areas) covered with stickers, post-it's, opaque tape, etc. Placing the covering on the plastic sleeve holding the print is acceptable. Items that are not suitable for minors must be kept separately from non-adult material. A tag or divider between “regular” and “adult” material in a binder is not sufficient. It is the responsibility of the dealer to keep adult materials out of the hands and sight of anyone under 18 years of age, and to ensure that these materials are discreetly handled when being viewed by a customer. Minors attending Midwest FurFest will have clearly identifiable badges, and all dealers will be told how to recognize them. Midwest FurFest holds each dealer responsible to ensure that minors are not permitted to view, handle, or be otherwise exposed to adult materials. The only exception to these display rules is for merchandise in the adults-only room.  Dealers who are repeatedly found to be displaying adult-oriented items in such a fashion that underage members can view them will be removed from the Dealers Den without refund.    

  3. Flashing/rotating lights, sound generators or other excessively annoying displays will not be permitted. The volume of video soundtracks or other audio must be kept low enough that they do not annoy customers or other dealers.

  4. Midwest Furry Fandom Inc. prohibits the sale or offer for sale at Midwest FurFest of items that reproduce third parties’ intellectual property without the express written permission from the owner. Midwest Furry Fandom, Inc. reserves the right in its sole discretion to require the removal of any articles that violate this policy. Midwest Furry Fandom, Inc. reserves the sole right to refusal to comply with this policy in any appropriate manner including revocation of privileges to conduct commerce at Midwest FurFest and removal from Midwest FurFest premises. Prohibited articles include but are not limited to:

    • Unlicensed depictions of characters appearing in third parties' movies, TV shows, books, sound recordings, still images, sculptures or any other media. No fan art; no counterfeit goods.

    • Unauthorized reproductions of books, audiovisual and sound recordings, or other media. No bootlegs.

    • Any other articles that Midwest Furry Fandom deems to violate this policy in its sole discretion.    

  5. Please restrict the number of people seated at any full table to two. Keep all items neatly piled under the table or as close to it as possible; do not impede the passage of other dealers behind the tables. Any items that are placed in the aisle in such a way that customer traffic is impeded will be removed by Dealers Den staff. If you have a question about whether your display might violate this rule, please check with Dealers Den staff while you are setting up. If you feel that another dealer is violating this rule, politely point this out to them, or request that a member of the Dealers Den staff do so.

  6. There is to be no horseplay (or other animal play) in the Dealers Den. We do not want to see anyone trip and injure himself or someone else, or cause damage to someone’s merchandise. “If you break it, you bought it.” Midwest FurFest is not responsible for injuries, breakage or loss incurred by or caused by any dealer or member.    

  7. Foreplay is definitely out. Take it elsewhere. Please.    

  8. The Dealers Den Manager and/or staff reserve the right to refuse service to any person or entity.  If anyone is disruptive, ignores the rules, or harasses other persons and is not amenable to correction, Midwest FurFest will take the appropriate action, up to and including removal the offender from the convention. This includes dealers and friends as well as customers/members.  If Midwest FurFest management is forced to eject a dealer or any other person due to violations of the rules, no refund will be given of any membership or table fees.    

  9. All decisions made by the Dealers Den Manager regarding appropriateness of display, merchandise or conduct will be final. Decisions made by the Dealers Den staff are subject to approval by the Dealers Den Manager; it should be noted, however, that it is highly unlikely that the Dealers Den Manager will reverse a decision made by a staff member.