Conbook Submissions

It’s a party, and you’re invited!  Following our theme, our conbook this year is a giant celebration of party and party planning.  We’re looking for your party artwork, photography, and stories to celebrate 20 years of FurFest.

And, since last year was such a success with the fake ads, we’d love to see more of them this year! Party planners, party supplies, balloons, flowers, foxes springing from cakes to surprise rabbits on their birthday (tastefully dressed, of course), you name it, make a fake ad for it! See our guidelines below.

You must own the rights to the photo, story, or artwork submitted.  See our PDF below with the release for us to use the work.

What we’re looking for

  • Art

  • Stories (aim for 1000-3000 words)

  • Themed photos (for all you fursuiters out there)

  • Fake ads (no real company names)

  • Other interesting stuff!


300 DPI minimum. Submit in PDF, Photoshop, TIFF format, CMYK please. If your piece is a full 8.5x11 page, please see our Full Bleed Template for sizing information.

Themed Photos

Fursuiters, you’ve been underrepresented in the convention books. Now is your time to shine and break out those photography and costuming skills – go crazy!

Fake Ads

Ads should follow the sizing of the Ad Sizing Template and will be clearly marked as “fake” as not to confuse folks with the real ads for the real awesome supporters of the charity and convention book publication. Think party!

Other Interesting Stuff

I can’t think of all this! Make your pitch to and we’ll see what we can sneak into the book. Dream it, let’s do it!

How to Submit

We won’t be able to accept absolutely everything sent to our publications, but we appreciate all the hard work and look forward to seeing your creativity.