Art Show Rules

Artists are invited to reserve space to exhibit original artworks of an anthropomorphic nature as well as science fiction, fantasy and/or fannish bent.

Areas of the Art Show

  1. The “General Gallery” features original artwork depicting subjects suitable for all ages to view.

  2. The “Mature Gallery” is for original artwork depicting mature subject matter. This area is monitored to keep minors out. Scenes which would cause a motion picture to be rated R or stronger may be displayed only in the Mature Gallery. However, artwork depicting sexual acts involving children or beings that appear to be children or only humans, human-like beings, and/or non-anthropomorphic animals may not be displayed.

Please Note:

The examples above are meant as guidelines, and are not to be considered all-inclusive or absolute. The Art Show Director has the final decision on whether and where any particular artwork may be displayed, in accordance with the spirit (not necessarily the letter) of the rules.

Types of Artworks

  1. All entries of original art must be your own work. All entries of prints (photoprints, serigraphs, lithographs, laserprints, or other multiple-copy items) must be based on your own work and be less than 1000 in print run size.

  2. You may enter collaborative works for which you contributed a significant effort, as long as you have permission from all other involved artists, and credit them accordingly.

  3. All flat art must be matted and backed at a minimum. It can also be framed, or otherwise mounted, ready to hang upon arrival. Framed works must have a wire for hanging. ALL work submitted must be marked on the back with the artist’s name and the name of the piece.

  4. If you have small works (flat or 3–D), we recommend you provide a case to hold the items, the better to safeguard them from damage or theft. We may have a limited number available on a first come, first served basis.

  5. Only single copies of prints will be allowed in the Art Show. Any item created using a computer or other method which can be used to produce multiple copies (e.g., photography, screen printing) must be indicated as a print in the “medium” description on the bid sheet unless accompanied by a statement from the artist affirming that it is a unique work and that no further copies will be made. Hand-colored prints are considered original art.

Display Space

  1. We use steel commercial 2-foot by 6-foot metal grid hanging system for hanging art and standard hotel 3-foot by 30-inches tables for 3-D art. All art must be presented on these venues. Any special display fixtures are only usable at the discretion of the Art Show director, the convention center management and the fire marshal. If you have special hanging fixtures, you must get permission in advance.

  2. After the show is fully booked, partially-granted requests or late reservations will be held as “pending.” If someone cancels their reservation before the con, the space will be reassigned in order of request. Artists who cancel their reservations are not allowed to pass on their space to someone they name, as this would be unfair to other artists waiting for space.

  3. Should space be returned at the convention we will keep a list of artists requesting additional space and assign if possible.


  1. If you cannot attend, you may be represented by an agent at the convention. An agent is someone you authorize to act on your behalf in dealing with the Art Show at the convention. They will bring, hang and pick up your artwork, do your paperwork, etc.—i.e., perform the normal duties and accept the responsibilities you would if you were present. Typically, an agent is an artist’s friend or acquaintance who is attending the convention anyway. One person can act as an agent for several artists. There is no set limit to the number of artists an agent can represent, but remember, it takes time to hang the art and do the paperwork: allow at least 30 minutes per panel or table.

  2. If you will be represented by an agent, you must provide your agent with a signed letter of authorization to present at the Art Show. Your agent must purchase a membership in order to be admitted to the convention, and must be prepared to show id at the Art Show. You may send this information later if you have not yet found an agent, but we must receive it by November 1, and your agent must have Furfest membership before November 1.

Mail-In Service

  1. We will be allowing a limited number of mail-in artist spaces.

  2. Mail-in service is only available for artists in the US. We are not able to deal with customs at this time.

  3. To participate as a mail-in artist you will need to register as such and ship your art to an address to be provided prior to the convention. All art must be shipped via trackable means and the artist will provide a prepaid label to return any unsold art.

  4. Mail-in artists will also need to provide a signed authorization form with the mailed-in art. Art received without this form will not be hung in the show and will not have any refunds.

  5. Deadline to receive mail-in packages is Wednesday, November 27th.

Preparation & Check-In

  1. Every piece must be labeled with its title and the artist’s name.

  2. Each piece must be entered in the system, preferably ahead of arrival at the art show with the link provided in your space confirmation email.

  3. All items for sale must have a minimum bid of at least $1, and all prices must be in whole-dollar amounts. This includes quick sale prices, which we recommend be higher than your minimum bid.

  4. Any art that does not have its paperwork in order will not be accepted for entry.

  5. You are allowed to decorate your space with display material (not for sale), e.g. an illustrated nameplate, examples of published works, etc.

  6. All artwork must be able to withstand reasonable amounts of handling in hanging and moving to auction. Please do not bring or send items which are not adequately protected or which may break upon handling.

  7. We do not accept any responsibility for your artwork until the Artist Check-in Forms have been checked and signed by a crew member. Please return to the artist check in desk when you have finished hanging your artwork so we may complete the process.

  8. Once an item has been entered in the Art Show, it may not be withdrawn or the conditions of sale (e.g., minimum bid) changed without the consent of the Art Show Director.

  9. We do not provide insurance coverage for art entered in the show. While we take measures to protect your art, we recommend you verify that your insurance coverage extends to display in the show.

  10. To protect your rights, photography is not permitted in the Art Show, except by staff–escorted photojournalists who have received permission from the Art Show Director. Please indicate on your reservation form if you will allow your work to be photographed, and if you will allow your artwork to be displayed on panels visible from the entrance to the Art Show, where it may appear in images taken in the convention hall. While we take measures to keep high–quality cameras out, and keep watch for those who may attempt to use small cameras built into mobile phones or other devices, we cannot guarantee that no one will photograph the artwork. In addition, the Art Show reserves the right to take photographs of your panel or table setup for administrative purposes.

Limitations on Artwork Accepted for Display and Sale

  1. Artwork for sale should depict your own original characters, unless:

  • You have written permission from the character’s owner (copyright holder), or

  • The work is obviously a parody: i.e., it must ridicule the original work; must not use more of the original work than is necessary to evoke thoughts of the original in the viewer’s mind; and must not directly affect the market value of the original work (no one should be willing to buy the parody as a substitute for the original).
    Except for parodies, artwork depicting trademarked characters cannot be offered for sale because, as Furfest is the seller of record, we are not licensed to sell them. Works found to contain unauthorized depictions of others’ intellectual property may be removed from display or marked “Not For Sale” by the Art Show Director upon request from rights-holders or their representatives.

Midwest Furry Fandom Inc. prohibits the sale or offer for sale at Midwest Furfest of items that reproduce third parties' intellectual property without the express written permission from the owner. Midwest Furry Fandom, Inc. reserves the right in its sole discretion to require the removal of any articles that violate this policy. Midwest Furry Fandom reserves the sole right to respond to refusal to comply with this policy in any appropriate manner including revocation of privileges to conduct commerce at Midwest Furfest and removal from Midwest Furfest premises. Prohibited articles include but are not limited to:

  • Unlicensed depictions of characters appearing in third parties' movies, TV shows, books, sound recordings, still images sculptures or any other media. No fan art; no counterfeit goods.

  • Any other articles that Midwest Furry Fandom deems to violate this policy in its sole discretion.

Auctioning & Sales

  1. Quick Sale - To prevent the effect certain online auction sites have on live auctions we will be doing a Quick Sale option as well. Any item with a Quick Sale price and no bids can be purchased for that price any time after 2pm on Saturday.

  2. Artwork in the General Gallery receiving eight (8) or more written bids by 7pm Saturday will go to the voice auction Sunday morning. Artwork receiving seven(7) or fewer written bids will be sold to the highest bidder on the bid sheet.

  3. Artwork in the Mature Gallery receiving eight (8) or more written bids by 7PM Saturday will go to the voice auction that evening. Artwork receiving seven (7) or fewer written bids will be sold to the highest bidder on the bid sheet.

  4. If circumstances warrant, the Art Show Director may elect to set a different number of bids required to send a piece to voice auction. We will announce such a change in advance of the con.

  5. If an unforeseen situation makes it necessary, the closing times for written bidding and the start times of the auctions may be changed. Should this occur, we will publicize the change as widely as practical. Signs posted in the Art Show will show the final schedule.

  6. Any artwork properly bid on and won but not collected and paid for by the high bidder will be purchased by Midwest Furfest at the bid price, so that artists may be paid promptly. Midwest Furfest will attempt to contact the buyer and collect payment; anyone who fails to honor their monetary obligations will not be allowed to participate in future Midwest Furfest Art Shows, and will be denied membership at all future Midwest Furfest conventions until payment is made. If the high bidder declines to pay or cannot be contacted, Midwest Furfest may elect to sell the artwork to someone else, or donate it for charity fundraising.

  7. Art sales do not include reproduction rights.

Check-Out & Payment

  1. Please keep in mind our Artist Check–out hours are noon to 5PM Sunday; please arrange to have your items out of the Art Show before the end of Artist Check–out so that we may begin disassembling the display equipment. You may authorize someone else to pick up your artwork, but you must notify us of this in person in advance, and obtain an authorization form which must be presented by the person picking up your artwork. We reserve the right to remove artwork from its display space in order to expedite the tear-down process if you or your representative do not make a timely appearance. Furfest will not be held responsible for artwork lost, stolen or damaged in transit and will not be responsible for artwork not picked up by closing of the show. This does not include mail-in art, which will be returned according to the instructions given in the artist’s registration.

  2. If you must leave the convention before Artist Check–out, please notify the Art Show Director as soon as you know your plans so we may make the proper arrangements.

  3. We will be paying artist/agents as part of the Artist checkout process on Sunday if possible.

  4. Mail-in artists will have a check shipped with any unsold art on Monday after the convention ends. If all art is sold, we will mail the check along with your checkout receipt and prepaid return tag.

Fees & Commissions

  1. Panels are 2ft by 6ft metal grid for $10 each.

  2. Tables are 3ft by 30 inches for $15 each.

  3. Mailed-in Art has a $20.00 processing fee per shipment.

  4. We charge a 10% commission on ALL sales.

  5. All payments to the artists for pieces sold are by corporate check. We reserve the right to withhold funds previously owed to Furfest from any payment due the artist.

Art Show Hours

We strongly urge you to check in as early as possible. The longer your work is on display, the more bidding action it is able to receive.

View the schedule on the main art show page.

Contact Information

Artshow Director: Hugmonster
Telegram: @Hugmonster
Phone: 216-202-4841 — please leave a message or text.