Art Show

The Midwest FurFest Art Show is intended to be an opportunity for artists to exhibit and sell original artwork that is of a fantasy, science fiction, or fan'ish nature, especially with an emphasis on anthropomorphic animals.

Attendees may walk through the art gallery like atmosphere and place bids on pieces they are interested in obtaining, with the highest bids taking home the goods!

Be sure to review the Art Show Rules before submitting.


Please email

Art Show Schedule

As of September 2019

Thursday, December 5

10:30 AM - 3 PM: Unpacking and setup — volunteers needed!
3 PM - 6 PM: Dealer and Staff Artist setup

Friday, December 6

9 AM - 6 PM: Artist setup
1 PM - 6 PM: Open for bidding
8 PM - 10 PM: Artist and Shiny Sponsor Reception (invite-only)

Saturday, December 7

10 AM - 7 PM: Open for bidding
2 PM: Quick Sale becomes available
7 PM: Silent Auction ending; rolling close-out starts with Mature Gallery
7:30 PM: General Gallery written bidding ends via rolling close-out. This will happen immediately after the Mature close-out is finished.
9 PM: Mature Voice Auction

Sunday, December 8

9 AM - 10:30 AM: General Voice Auction
10 AM - 4 PM: Open for winning bid pickup and Quick Sale
12 PM - 5PM: Artist pickup of unsold art
5 PM: Packing & cleanup — volunteers needed!

How To Bid

  1. Bring photo ID and register for a Bidder number with a friendly Art Show Guru.

  2. Bid with your Name (Real or badge: just be consistent), Bidder Number, and Bid Amount in WHOLE dollar amounts greater than the bid before you and/or the minimum bid.

  3. Bid before 2 PM on Saturday  to avoid Quick Sale snipes.  

  4. Defend your bid throughout the convention and especially during the rolling closeout at 7 PM on Saturday.

  5. Continue to defend your bid on any item that has 8 bids at the Mature Auction on Saturday at 9:30 PM in the location posted in the Art Show.  Do the same for General Auction items at 9:30 AM on Sunday.

  6. Sunday come down to the Art Show between 10 AM and 4 PM to purchase items you are the winning bidder on. You can also do a quick sale on items that had no bids as of close on Saturday.

Quick Sale

To prevent the effect certain online auction sites have on live auctions we will be doing a Quick Sale option as well. Any item with a Quick Sale price and NO BIDS can be purchased for that price any time after 2 PM on Saturday.

After Quick Sale starts, if a piece has received NO BIDS and had been given a Quick Sale price, you can carefully bring the piece of art and the bid sheet to the Art Show  Desk and pay for it. If you're not comfortable moving the art, please ask a member of Staff for help. After paying for the piece (Cash, or Credit) you may take the piece with you or leave it to collect on Sunday with any other pieces you've won.